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Here’s Why You Need a Staffing Partner in 2021

There Are Many Reasons to Partner with a Staffing Firm like GoSource

The job market is constantly changing, and in the coming year there will be even more to adapt to. Partnering with a staffing agency can help you find innovative ways of meeting your changing recruitment needs. If you haven’t considered working with a staffing partner before, here are several reasons you should.

Reduce Costs
In the current climate, any way your business can reduce costs is a good thing. A staffing partner can help you reduce your recruiting costs overall. Because they have access to a talent pipeline already, you won’t be spending time fielding applications. More importantly, you can stay focused on the projects at hand and production won’t be disrupted by the search for a new hire.

Additionally, if you require contract workers for some period of time, a staffing partner will prevent you from paying temporary benefits and payroll fees. So, if you are using short-term staffing solutions, an agency can help your business realize large savings.

Get Industry Expertise
Staffing partners are also plugged into the industry at large. Each staffing firm specializes in a specific industry, whether it be industrial work or administrative jobs. With a focused specialty, they have access to a larger network of talent. Even if you don’t solely source your new hires from a staffing agency, it can be a great source of new talent if you are in a hiring stalemate.

Working with an agency can also help you nail qualified candidates. Because they are well-versed in the industry, they know what it will take to fill the position or team requirements at hand. They have already established relationships with dependable employees who have been pre-screened. By using their assistance to source a new hire, you will be getting the most qualified, well-suited applicants.

Improve Employee Retention
Another reason you should be considering working with a staffing partner in 2021 is employee retention. It can be difficult to retain employees, especially during the pandemic. Everyone’s lives and careers seem to be changing. Partnering with a staffing agency can help you select candidates whose long-term career goals, skills, and personality match your needs.

Retention can also be improved by offering temp-to-hire positions through a staffing agency. Your recruitment partner can provide contacts for temporary workers interested in long-term employment. During their introductory period, you can get a good feel for whether or not they are a good fit, making it more likely they will stay on staff long-term.

Focus on Core Projects
Last, but not least, working with a staffing partner will help free up your time to focus on core projects and processes happening within the company. Many business leaders spend a lot of time reviewing applicants, interviewing them, and vetting them. Instead, you would be able to focus on core projects without any disruption to your workflow. Your staffing partner will take care of identifying a good candidate for your business.

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