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Top Ways You Can Guarantee a Qualified Candidate for the New Year

Check Out These Tips to Ensure You’re Finding the Best Available Talent

The beginning of the year brings a lot of business for many companies. If you are considering expanding your team or looking to fill a position at the turn of the new year, there are some ways to ensure you will get the best possible candidate pool. Below you will find some hiring tips to use in the new year.

Determine the Strengths Needed to Succeed
When you think about what it would take to be successful in the open role, consider the strengths the ideal candidate would have. This means you should consider desirable personality traits as well as job skills. For many positions, this means the ability to cope with pressure and meet deadlines. Gauge the candidate’s ability to stay motivated and driven in a fast-paced environment.

Search for Someone Who is Career-Oriented
You want to search for someone who is focused on continuing to expand their career. Inquire about their desire to grow professionally. You can do this by gauging whether they typically juggle multiple careers or not. It can also be a sign that someone is not career-oriented if they hop around from job to job often.

If you are having trouble finding someone who is career-oriented to add to the team, an intern can be a great addition. Usually, interns are very career-oriented. You can hire them on for a temporary position and get a good idea of their work patterns before inviting them on to work full-time.

Assess Them for Practical Experience
During the interview process, ask specific questions to assess their practical experience. If they do not have the necessary hands-on experience for the job they are applying for, it is likely not worth pursuing further. With good experience, they will be able to integrate into the team better and take less time training.

If your industry requires specific software or machine programming knowledge, have a test for candidates to take. This will further test their knowledge of the industry to be sure they have the practical experience needed to perform the work.

Will They Fit Into the Company Culture?
Another thing employers often forget to factor in is whether or not the candidate in questions will fit into the company’s culture. Take the time to assess their communication skills and whether or not they will fit in with the other members of the team. Hire someone with strong social skills, especially if they will be interacting with others on a daily basis.

Continue to Work on Your Hiring Process
When you are going through the hiring process, identify areas you can fine-tune. If you want the best candidates to come through your funnel, you need to implement good practices when it comes to recruiting, vetting, hiring, and training new employees. One thing many companies have begun to do is run checks on candidates’ social media profiles. Determine what would be beneficial for you to examine during your hiring process.

Work With a Recruitment Agency
Another good idea is to allow a third party to get involved in your hiring process. Recruitment agencies can be of great assistance when you are looking for a candidate who is qualified and will fit into your company’s culture. Because they have been previously tapped into the talent pool, they know who is available and what skills you need to meet your business’ goals.

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