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Recruitment consultant agencies can help your organization in more than one way. While they are great at assessing resumes and finding new talent for new roles in your company, they are also skilled at keeping your team sharp and up to the job at hand. Here are just a few ways that a partnership with GoSource can assist your business.

Get Access to New Talent
First and foremost, a partnership with a recruitment agency can help you get access to talent you otherwise would not have encountered. That is what makes these relationships with recruiters so valuable. Because the agency is already plugged into the industry, they are in contact with people who are interested in work. Some of these individuals could be a perfect fit, but may not be actively searching and may have gone under the radar without the help of a recruiter.

Fill Positions Quickly
Agencies like GoSource have been proven to help decrease the time it takes to fill a position as well. They have plugged into a network of people in the industry already and won’t necessarily need to flip through piles of resumes. Recruitment agencies are also trained in identifying what makes a good match for an employee-employer relationship. Having this expertise on your side will help you fill the positions you need swiftly.

Evaluate Your Current Team
Recruitment agencies can help evaluate your current team and identify gaps in coverage. They can also assist in pin-pointing current team members with the potential for advancement. For instance, if you have an entry-level employee who shows initiative and a good work ethic, a recruitment agency may be able to point them out as a potential promotion instead of hiring a manager outside the company.

On top of that, working with an agency can help you identify how much additional work you need. For example, if your team is struggling to meet deadlines, you may not need another full-time employee. Instead, it may be worth considering contract employees or part-time help.

Reduce Costs
Hiring a recruitment agency is an upfront cost, but it will help you save money in the long run. You will have a lower turnover rate, happier employees, and higher production. You also won’t be spending time away from your business, losing money, while you search for the perfect new hire.

Focus on Core Business Operations
Speaking of spending time away from the business, you no longer have to worry about the hiring process when you work with a recruitment agency. Instead, you can focus on core business operations and expanding. You won’t have to flip through resumes and interview various candidates before finding the right match. The recruitment agency will bring forward good potential matches while you focus on keeping your current projects on track.

Gain Advantage Over Competitors
Working with an agency like GoSource can give you a competitive edge over other industry leaders. They will put your business in touch with talent who specializes in your industry and give you an advantage over direct competitors. Not to mention, after employees experience the hiring, onboarding, and training processes, others will be looking to work there too. You’ll gain an advantage as an employer as well.

Coordinate Onboarding and Training
Last but certainly not least, recruitment agencies can assist with onboarding and training new and existing employees. Proper onboarding and training are key to improving employee retention, something many businesses have trouble with.

Providing consistency for your team can help, but keeping up with regular training and keeping everything consistent can be difficult. This is yet another way recruitment agencies can be of assistance. They can construct an onboarding and training for your employees as well as guidelines for when training should be renewed.

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