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Your Job Descriptions Could Be the Reason You Aren’t Getting the Right Candidates

If You’re Not Finding the Right Candidates, Take Another Look at Your Job Descriptions

Employers are always looking for ways to fine-tune their hiring process, especially if they have had issues with retention. What many businesses don’t realize is the problem stems from the job description much of the time. Writing a strong, accurate job description is key to finding the right talent. Here are some tips to help you get the right candidates.

Be Able to Envision the Future

When you are writing your job description, many employers want someone to fit the job and have all the skills they are looking for off the bat. Instead of eliminating candidates because they don’t have exactly what you need right now, think about how they could grow with the company. Consider what will benefit the company in both the short and long term. For some projects, it may be more suitable to hire a contract worker for your immediate problem and search for a full-time employee to facilitate long-term growth.

Avoid Limiting Language

In your job description, avoid language that will limit the number of people who apply to the job. For instance, gender-biased language can turn some candidates off from applying for a position. In industrial positions, job descriptions with more masculine language have been shown to have fewer female applicants. This could lead you to miss out on the perfect person for the job. Get the job description proofread by others in the office to see if it is displaying the company’s culture and goals effectively. This will help you get rid of any blind spots you may have in the language used.

Think About the Position’s Meaning

People want to have meaning in what they do. Offering a company mission or your business’s main goals in the job description can help you attract the right people for the job. If they agree with your mission or feel strongly about what you are working on, they are more likely to apply. They will also be more likely to enjoy the work they do and stay on with the company for a long time. When you ensure the potential for personal and professional growth, you can attract candidates who are looking to expand with your business.

Understand How They Fit In

In addition to giving each employee meaning to what they do at work each day, you should understand how they will fit into the overall company culture. Before you write up a job description, be sure you know how the current staff works together. Know what the needs are and seek out skills your team is lacking. Having knowledge of the talent you have access to now is key to writing a job description that gets you an appropriate candidate.

GoSource Can Help You Find Top Talent
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