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How to Show Appreciation for Your Team This Holiday Season

Check Out These Tips to Say Thank You to Your Employees This Holiday Season

Showing appreciation for your employees is the key to creating a good environment in the workplace. When your team feels valued, they bring their “A” game to the job, and they drive success for your business. The holiday season presents another opportunity to show your appreciation. Here are a few simple, yet effective, ways employers can thank their employees and show them you care this holiday season.

Give a Gift
Of course, it can be as simple as giving your team a small gift to show your appreciation this holiday season. Many employers send out digital gift cards or include gift cards in their employees’ holiday packages. Consider doing this for your team. Some good ideas for gift cards are Amazon, local grocery stores for upcoming holiday meals, and local restaurants.

Survey Your Team
The holiday season and end of the year are a great time to tune in to your team and listen to what they say. Send out a survey to your employees and take note of what they need from you, their managers, and the company as a whole. Being heard and having their thoughts recorded can help your employees feel appreciated. You can then take the results to draw up a plan for improvement in the new year based on their suggestions.

Put It in Writing
Send out hand-written or email messages thanking your employees around the holidays. Many employers send out a quick automated e-card with a personalized message. These small things let your employees know you are thankful for them. Make a note about something specific they’ve done this year to further the business.

Give Time Off
It is important to also give your employees time off around the holidays. This not only helps them feel appreciated but will also help them unplug, recharge, and spend time with family. As an employer, it should also be noted that time off should not impact your employee’s workload. Other team members should not have to work more while others are out. Similarly, people should not have to work ahead or catch up from taking time off.

Say Thank You
Be sure to verbally recognize your staff’s efforts. Say thank you, and do it often. Be consistent with the way you communicate and treat your employees. When they are sure that they are appreciated at work, employees typically perform better and increase productivity. Around the holidays, you may want to have a holiday get together or meeting and speak up about the team’s successes over the year. The recognition from upper management can make your employees feel more appreciated.

Keep It Up
The holidays aren’t the only time you should show your employees that you appreciate them. Be sure to continue to do things throughout the year that let them know they are valued in the workplace. Employ the tips above and more to make sure your team knows how much they mean to your business.

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