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7 Ways to Speed Up the Warehouse Employees Hiring Process

Having a solid hiring process is important when it comes to maintaining productivity and keeping your warehouse on track. There is a lot of planning that goes into a system that really worked for your organization. Here are a few tips for employers to help make your warehouse hiring process more efficient and streamlined.   

Create Detailed Job Descriptions  

Writing a detailed description of the job you are looking to fill will help you find qualified candidates faster. You should consider what skills are necessary for the job as well as what kind of company culture your organization offers. Include information about the day-to-day life in your warehouse. The more details you can provide, the more likely you are to find a good fit for the job.   

Post More Places 

Consider where you are posting the open positions within your company. Think about how you can reach more people in your industry. Many employers have shifted to posting jobs on social media channels like Facebook and LinkedIn. Take time to consider where your potential employees are and where they are most likely to see the posting. You may also find other channels you have not yet considered, such as staffing platforms.   

Set a Deadline for Hiring  

Another good idea to keep your hiring process efficient is setting a deadline for hiring for each position. At times, candidates may push off sending in their resumes or applications. However, when there is a clear deadline for filling the position, they will be more inclined to send in their information right away. It also sends the message that you are looking to hire sooner rather than later.   

Evaluate Your Current Human Resources  

Company culture is important to take into consideration, even in the warehouse industry. You want to be sure your new employees will be a good fit for not only the job but the company as a whole. Take a moment to get to know your current employees and company culture. This will make it easier to find new hires that will fit in well with your organization.   

Examine the Benefits You Offer 

The benefits your company offers are a good way to make your organization stand out among other warehouses in the industry. Outside of brand difference, most warehouse jobs and listings are basically the same. Find a way to offer something unique to applicants in the form of benefits or employee perks. This can include everything from gym memberships and coupons to health benefits and opportunities for growth. These things will make your company more attractive to potential candidates.   

Create an Interview Script  

Having a list of go-to questions to ask a potential new hire helps eliminate hiring bias and keeps the interview process efficient. This makes it easier and faster for your HR department to process applicants. Ask position-specific questions. These inquiries will tell you whether or not the person has the skills necessary and whether they are passionate about the position as well.   

Set Up an Onboarding Process   

Once you have hired someone new, you should have a plan for how they are welcomed and integrated into the company. A good way to do this in a warehouse setting is by pairing new employees with more seasoned staff members to show them the ropes. This is a quick and easy way to get a new hire up to speed on daily tasks and processes.   

Work With a Staffing Company   

Staffing agencies can be a great resource for warehouse managers when it comes to sourcing, vetting, and hiring new employees. Not only do they have professional experience in your specific industry, but working with a recruiter can help you focus on what’s really important: your business. Learn how the professionals at GoSource can help you.