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Employee Survey Results Are In. Now What?

Here’s What You Should Do With Your Employee Survey Results

Right now maybe one of the best times to survey your employees and get feedback that will help your company get through these hard times. Now more than ever, employees are looking for validation in their jobs and want a workplace that cares. Performing an employee survey is a great way to get a feel for employee morale, but what should you do once the results are in? Here are the next steps.

Thank Them For Responding
First and foremost, thank your team for responding to your survey. Reiterate that their opinion matters to you and the rest of the company. Let them know that you will be reviewing the surveys, and any resulting changes will be communicated clearly. You should also commit to a timeline of action, so there is a sense of accountability.

Review the Results
Don’t just say you are going to review their survey answers, actually do it. First, evaluate your favorability, meaning the number of answers you receive that are “Strongly Agree” or “Agree.” Seventy percent favorability or higher is typically a healthy rate.

You should also make note of which questions received the highest engagement and see what drives engagement. For instance, if the majority of your employees feel strongly about certain points, you can focus on those before aligning your attention elsewhere.

Reviewing the results of the survey also gives you the chance to slice up the data into employee demographics. This can give you more information about how to better serve certain departments, employees with tenure, or employees of a specific gender.

Share What You Find
After you have reviewed the results of the survey, be sure to share what you find with your employees. This will let them know you have followed through on your promise. Loop them in on key findings, such as improvements and gaps since the last survey.

Give access to the results to your management team and have them set up focus group meetings to address any concerns. This will show your team you are putting action behind what the survey found.

After groups have met and you get feedback from employees and managers, make a plan for moving forward. Find two or three areas within the company to focus on and give your managers a set of goals to work on. They can then take these goals to their team and find ways to implement them.

Follow Up on Your Plans
As your managers implement their plans, be sure to follow up on what is going well and what isn’t. Continue to communicate with your employees about any actions taken or plans made throughout the year or project timeline. When you make any changes and follow up, be sure you reference that this is a direct result of the employee survey.

You should also be prepared to send out follow-up survey materials as well. For instance, if there are specific projects or plans that have been put in place, send up surveys to track progress.

Look for Additional Resources
Finally, after reviewing your employee survey results, you may find you have gaps in your current staff. Some of your team members may be stretched too thin or feeling burnt out.

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