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7 Reasons Flexible Staffing is Beneficial During Uncertain Times

Here’s Why You Should Consider Flexible Staffing During These Uncertain Times

This year has taught many businesses some hard lessons. The most important of those lessons is probably to be prepared for anything. In uncertain times, like the COVID-19 pandemic, flexible staffing can be beneficial.

1. Ramp Up Business If You Need To
Adopting a flexible staffing strategy can help you ramp up business when you need to. For instance, during the pandemic, many manufacturers have shifted their focus to making personal protective equipment (PPE). A flexible staffing strategy would allow not only for them to shift focus in what they are making but ramp up production as well.

2. Adjust to Market Conditions
Maintaining a flexible staff will help you adjust to market conditions changing as well. During uncertain times like these, many companies were faced with the fact that their current team no longer had the exact skills they needed. A flexible staffing strategy can help you address these issues and realign your focus quickly.

3. Retention Rates Go Up
The retention rate of your current staff may also increase when you employ flexible staffing. Uncertain economic times typically mean employers are not looking to hire. However, this can wind up burning your current team out. Flexible staffing can help provide temporary relief or assistance with big projects. In some cases, short-term employees can even help relieve full-time team members for vacation or medical leave.

4. Be Better Prepared for the Future
Uncertain times are inevitable for any business. Economies crash, global pandemics happen, but you need to be prepared. You want to be able to thrive through uncertain times. Having flexible staffing will allow you to make quick changes to your team to make it possible to take advantage of short-term opportunities for growth. This can help unlock new business and opportunities you may not have had before.

5. Reduces Staffing Expenses
In the long-run, having a flexible staffing strategy will save your business money. When the future is uncertain, taking a magnifying glass to the company’s expenses is unavoidable. Bringing on a flexible short-term staff can help you mitigate cost as you will not be paying for benefits, nor will you have to pay unemployment once their work is finished or you can’t afford to keep them on.

6. Get Specialized Help
It is hard to hire new employees when you aren’t certain about the company’s future. That being said, contract workers or temp employees can offer specialized services for as long as you need them without adding much to the business’ bottom line. Working with a staffing agency can help you connect with specialists like this.

7. Ready for Change
Implementing flexible staffing will ultimately keep you ready for any type of upcoming change. If you normally have a flexible staff anyway, you will be a step ahead if another crisis hits. During the COVID-19 pandemic, many companies needed to scale back hours or furlough employees while they attempted to adhere to new health guidelines and restrictions.

We Can Help You With Your Staffing Needs
Flexible staffing can help you in a multitude of ways, as mentioned above. If you think it might work well for your business, a recruitment agency can assist you in connecting with the right candidates. Consider scheduling a consultation with GoSource to see how we can help.