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Here’s Why Now Might Be the Best Time to Survey Your Employees

Consider These 5 Reasons Why This is the Best Time to Survey Your Employees

Surveying your employees on a regular basis is a good business practice to keep. It gives you a good idea of where company morale is, how people are handling their workload, and any other issues that may be occurring. Now, during the pandemic, may be the most important time to survey your employees.

It Reinforces You Care

Taking a survey of your employees will help reinforce that you care about their overall well-being. Ask about how they are feeling about their work duties, if there are any personal things they’d like to talk about, or any work-related issues they’d like to bring up.

Have a few prepared questions to ask everyone about specific things as well, such as employee morale, level of happiness with benefits, and work relations. Even sending out a quick 10-question survey with a spot for additional comments would be beneficial to getting a feel for how your team is doing.

Shows You How to Provide Support
When your employees answer these questions, it gives you a better idea of how you can provide support. Without this information, many company leaders are acting blindly. You can take the data from your employee survey and put it to use finding solutions to current problems being faced by your staff.

During the pandemic, many employers may find their staff is facing additional stress at home, including additional responsibilities caring for children or older relatives. Many people also have increased financial fear and less job security. By surveying your team, you can find out what their specific concerns are and address them.

Better Navigate the Recession
It has also been proven that gathering this data can help your company better navigate the recession as a whole. Gathering the experience of certain groups of people in your organization can help you predict the trajectory of your business. Frontline workers, women, people of color, hourly male employees, and long-term employees all seem to predict when the market might turn bad.

Studying the survey responses of these groups in your organization can help you prepare for the future, good or bad. These groups of people are also typically a source of good ideas in the company. Their insights may also offer up ideas that will help recession-proof your business.

Discover How COVID is Impacting Your Staff
Another reason now is one of the best times to survey your employees is you can get a good idea of how they are being impacted by the global pandemic. Everyone is being affected in some way, but learning how it is personally impacting your employees is important.

Many companies have been able to offer new or additional benefits, such as childcare, since the pandemic. You may also be able to offer different schedules or work-from-home opportunities for staff members who require more flexibility now.

It Helps You Identify Needs
If someone on your team is feeling overworked, you can find out when you survey your employees. Once you have an idea of what your team might need, you can work with a recruitment agency to find a candidate to fit with your company’s needs and culture.

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