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5 Ways to Make Your Hiring Process More Efficient

Here’s How You Can Streamline Your Hiring Process

Finding the right candidates to fill positions within your organization can make it easier to find the best and top talent for the job. Much of this begins with making your hiring process more efficient. You need to have a fine-tuned process from application to a new hire from how you source new employees to who makes decisions. Here are five ways you can improve your current processes.

1. Simplify Your Current Hiring Process
The very first place you need to look when it comes to improving your overall hiring process is where applicants find out about open positions within the company. Be sure all of your job descriptions are up to date and accurate. This will help you avoid anyone that isn’t qualified or not a good fit from applying.

If there are any steps within your hiring process that can be eliminated, get rid of them. For example, if you interview the perfect candidate in the first round, why interview four more? It is also a good idea to reduce the number of decision-makers as much as possible. If your company is taking too long to move forward, your ideal candidate may receive other offers.

Check any references applicants have early on. There is nothing worse than getting through 80% of the hiring process to discover they don’t have any viable references.

2. Look for Employee Referrals
Speaking of references, it is always a good idea to look to employees for referrals. Most of the time, they are tapped into similar talent networks. Their friends and colleagues are typically interested in the same things and do the same type of work.

Your current employees have a sense of the company culture. For this reason, they will be able to refer candidates that may be able to fit their current needs. To encourage employees to refer friends and colleagues, consider offering a bonus program in the event someone they refer is hired.

3. Tap Into Current Networks
Identify at least three social networks where potential candidates typically gather within your industry. For instance, you may consider joining your local Chamber of Commerce to learn about hiring needs in the immediate area. You may also consider tapping into remote networks as well, such as LinkedIn and networks targeted towards your business industry.

You should also take a closer look at the current talent on your team. It is possible you may want to simply promote a current team member and hire someone on at entry-level instead of hiring outside the company for leadership positions. You may also consider transitioning some of your contract and part-time employees into full-time team members.

4. Train Your Hiring Managers
Make sure each of your hiring managers knows exactly what the company is looking for and what the needs are for the position being filled. Train them on effective and relevant interview questions. Have a set process for following up with candidates so that they are not lost to a competitor’s offer in the meantime.

5. Work With a Staffing Agency
Working with a staffing firm can help improve the efficiency of your hiring process. Interview recruiting firms to see if they will be a good fit for your company. See if they specialize in your industry if they have a good feel for your company’s culture and recruiting needs. Then they can put new talent in front of you that will be the best fit.

Call the Team at GoSource to Learn How to Improve Your Hiring Process
Staffing firms can also help you identify whether or not you need to add someone to your full-time team or simply hire a contract employee. This can help you save on resources tremendously. Consult with a recruiter to see how a staffing firm like GoSource might be able to help make your hiring process more efficient.