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How to Fill Your Manufacturing Jobs During COVID-19

A lot has changed in 2020 when it comes to how people do business and interact with one another due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Both Federal and State unemployment benefits have been extended, so many people are choosing to stay home longer. For industrial companies looking to fill positions, it has been close to impossible to find even so-so candidates. Here are a few tips that may help your job listings attract more talent during this time.

Let People Know You Are Hiring

In manufacturing, many businesses hire new employees through referrals and in-person interviews. During the COVID-19 pandemic, however, these types of interactions are less common. Many manufacturers have begun to hang signs outside factories informing passersby that they are, in fact, hiring.

Another way you can let people know you are hiring is online. Be sure your website has up-to-date descriptions of any available positions and be realistic about what you can offer. If the position is only open for contract employees, be clear. The same goes for any position where you are looking for a permanent hire. This can help decrease your turnover rate during the pandemic.

Look for Entry-Level Workers

Another way to fill manufacturing jobs during COVID-19 is to look for entry-level workers. While skilled laborers, such as welders and machinists, may be harder to come by, there are groups of people who may not have been on your radar before looking for work. In fact, many people in the leisure and entertainment sectors have been laid off during this time.

If your business tailors its recruiting efforts to these individuals, you can train them on the job. Put some time into onboarding and training to make them feel safe in the new work environment. You should also provide additional training leadership in the company to help them manage new hires from outside the industry.

Show Them What More You Can Offer

When you are dealing with individuals who may not have worked in your sector before, show them what you can offer that their previous position may not have. Switching to a career in manufacturing can be especially fruitful for full-time employees.

Outline perks such as paid time off, health insurance, better starting pay, stable hours, and the ability to advance. Also, highlight how your company can give them job security. During the pandemic, having job security can be the selling point for potential employees.

Offer Virtual Interviews

If possible, offer virtual interviews off the bat. This can help you pick which candidates you’d like to have in your facility for a second interview. It will also open up the number of people willing to apply and interview for the position as well. Just be sure that the job location and expectations are clear to the person interviewing for the job so they do not expect a remote position if the job at hand cannot provide that.

Utilize Your Current Talent Pool

Hiring within your current network is always a good move. Consider your current staff and make note of anyone showing good leadership skills or making a valiant effort. Instead of hiring outside of the company, you can move these individuals up in the company and hire an entry-level worker.

Your company may also want to tap into existing candidates and applications. Most businesses have a backlog of people who have applied for work there. Contact them to see if they are still looking for a job.

Finding Recruiting Help in the COVID Era
Last, but certainly not least, you can employ the help of recruiters and staffing agencies to help you find the right fit for the position. See how we can help you find the right fit for the job at hand.